What Is The Hot Water System Cost In Australia?


A hot water system is one of the oldest technologies in the world, and it hasn’t changed much since it was invented. Hot water is used for everything from cooking meals to taking showers. If you’re looking to replace your old hot water system or get one installed, there are a few things to consider when shopping around for prices. As per hot water system suppliers Same Day Hot Water Service “You may be surprised at the cost of the hot water system cost systems based on which type of fuel you choose—natural gas, LPG (propane), electricity or heat pumps”.

How Much Does A New Hot Water System Cost?

The average price of a new hot water system in Australia is around $7000. That’s not exactly cheap, but it’s not too bad either.

Natural Gas Hot Water System Prices

The price of a natural gas hot water system depends on the size of your home and whether you choose an efficient model. If you have an older home with low energy bills, then it may be more cost-effective to install a conventional electric boiler. However, if you have a large family or live in an area that suffers from cold winters, then installing a gas-fired boiler will be more cost-effective than purchasing new equipment every few years to replace aging electrical appliances such as heaters and dryers.

The price also varies depending on which brand you choose; some brands offer monthly packages while others charge yearly fees in addition to their standard prices (which vary depending on location).

LPG Hot Water System Prices

LPG is a fossil fuel, which means that it comes from fossils. This makes it more expensive than electric or gas hot water systems, but it’s also safer and much more reliable.

Electric systems are cheaper than LPG ones because they require less maintenance, but they use more electricity to power the boiler and heat your pipes (and therefore cost you more). Gas hot water systems tend to be cheaper than both types of heating system due to their lower operating costs and higher fuel efficiency.

If you want a cheap option for your home heating needs then go with an electric system—they’re usually good value for money.

Electricity Hot Water System Prices

Hot water systems are the most expensive to install, and electricity is the cheapest fuel. The trade-off here is that electricity hot water systems have a higher running cost than gas or solar.

Electricity costs typically account for about 80% of your hot water system cost, with labor costs accounting for the rest.

Gas and solar systems are cheaper to run than their electric counterparts because they don’t require a dedicated power source (like an outlet), which means less energy used overall. However, these types of systems still add up in terms of initial investment costs—and maintenance fees—because they require regular checks on their performance and replacement parts as needed over time.

Heat Pumps Hot Water System Prices

Heat pumps are the most expensive option. They provide an efficient way to cool your home, but they’re also more expensive than other options. If you want to lower your energy bills, heat pumps are an excellent choice for heating water systems in Australia.

Solar Hot Water System Prices

A solar hot water system is the most expensive option, with an average price tag of $9,000. This means that it will cost you more than four times as much to install a solar hot water system as it does for a standard replacement boiler (which costs around $3,000).

However, if you have enough money to spare on your home’s new heating system and still want a more environmentally friendly option than fossil fuels or electricity-based alternatives then this may be the best way forward for you. Solar thermal systems require no maintenance whatsoever – which makes them ideal for those who don’t want their plumbing work done by professionals every year or two.

The Type Of Fuel You Choose Matters Most When It Comes To Your Hot Water System Cost

The type of fuel you choose matters most when it comes to your hot water system cost. Natural gas is the cheapest option, followed by electricity and then LPG (liquified propane gas).

Electricity hot water systems can be more expensive than other options because they require special investments in power lines and pumps. Heat pumps are also more expensive than natural gas because they require more energy to run at low temperatures and/or cools down the water before it’s heated up again


There are many factors when it comes to determining the cost of a hot water system. You should carefully consider each option and its pros and cons before making any decisions on which type of fuel will work best for your home.


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