9 New And Trendy Kitchen Renovations Brisbane Ideas


Are You Planning a Kitchen Renovate in Brisbane and Need Ideas? As per kitchen renovations expert Easy Living Kitchens, with so many innovative design concepts emerging, choosing the perfect style for your home can be challenging. With all of the various trends emerging it may seem impossible. So we’ve put together this list of 9 trendy kitchen renovations Brisbane ideas to get you inspired! These design trends range from dark cabinets and countertops, bold colors, custom storage solutions and elegant storage solutions that are sure to give any kitchen an added sense of elegance and sophistication.

Your Brisbane kitchen renovation plans should also take advantage of statement lighting, open shelving, smart appliances and eco-friendly materials to create a contemporary and eco-friendly space. From minimalist designs to mixed materials – whatever suits your taste or budget best! Starting planning today for a remodeled space could soon become the focal point of your home. With these trendy ideas at your fingertips, your Brisbane kitchen could become the heart of the home.

Dark Cabinets and Countertops

One trend that has recently gained in popularity is dark cabinets and countertops, which add a sophisticated touch to any kitchen when combined with light-colored walls and floors.

Open shelving

Open shelving has quickly become a trend in recent years as it allows you to display kitchenware and other items easily while also keeping them easily accessible. You can choose between wood, metal or glass materials for this look to give it your own distinct touch.

Kitchen Islands with Seating

Kitchen islands with seating are an invaluable addition to any kitchen, offering a central gathering place for family and guests. There are various styles and materials to choose from such as wood, granite and marble – so that you can customize the perfect look!

Mixed Materials

Your kitchen renovation can become more visually intriguing by using multiple materials in it, like wood cabinets combined with granite countertops or stainless steel backsplash tiles and glass tiles. Creating such an arrangement requires creativity and planning for maximum visual appeal!

Smart Appliances

Over the past decade, smart appliances have become an increasingly popular trend, and for good reason. You can control them remotely via smartphone or tablet; adjust temperature or timer settings or even turn on an oven before arriving home!

Minimalist design

Minimalist design has become increasingly fashionable over time, emphasizing clean lines and simplicity. You can achieve this look by choosing simple materials such as white or gray hues for your construction materials and eliminating clutter in your space.

Hidden Appliances

A recent trend that has become increasingly popular is hidden appliances, which include devices built into cabinets or drawers to blend seamlessly into your kitchen design.

Bold Backsplashes

Bold backsplashes can add a vibrant pop of color and personality to your kitchen, with materials such as glass tiles, subway tiles, or even printed wallpaper to choose from.

Sustainable Materials

Sustainable materials have become more and more popular as homeowners become more environmentally aware. You can choose from eco-friendly options such as bamboo or recycled glass to create an eco-friendly and beautiful kitchen design.


As is evidenced by this list of new and trendy kitchen renovation ideas, there is something suitable for every taste and budget out there – be it dark cabinets and countertops, smart appliances or sustainable materials – so start planning your dream renovation now.