The 15 Best Things To Do In Chile In 2023


Chile awaits with an adventure-filled year ahead; every step leads to new revelations, and every horizon unveils stunning panoramas. From Torres del Paine’s windswept majesty to Easter Island’s mysterious Moai, this South American treasure invites visitors to explore its diverse landscapes and experience its vibrant culture and history. It is always better to take the best guided tours of Chile for a fun-filled adventure. Join me on my exploration of the 15 best activities available this year across Chile—let the magic unfold before your very eyes.

Torres Del Paine National Park: Witness To Nature’s Grandeur

Torres del Paine National Park stands as the epitome of nature’s artful craftsmanship in Patagonia. From towering peaks and glaciers to crystal-blue lakes and beyond, From classic “W Circuit” trips to wild “O Circuit” adventures, experience something extraordinary.

Valparaiso: Where Colors Dazzle Every Wall

Valparaiso, a city alive with art, invites you to become lost in its maze of vibrant streets. Graffiti-covered walls tell their own tales while every turn unveils another masterpiece. Climb Cerro Concepcion for panoramic views and take in all that this vibrant city has to offer.

Casablanca Valley Wine Country: Where Its Wine Tells Its Tale

The Casablanca Valley is an idyllic retreat for wine enthusiasts. Here, vineyards cover every available acreage and provide a multitude of tastes and aromas. Explore cellars full of exquisite varietals while tasting unforgettable Chilean dishes in these picturesque vineyards.

The Atacama Desert Is Nature’s Most Mystifying Stage.

The Atacama Desert is home to some incredible surprises; reality blurs with surreality here. Valle de la Luna with its lunar-esque landscape and Geysers del Tatio are only glimpses into what this desert holds in store for visitors.

Easter Island: Where Ancient Statues Hide Their Secrets

Easter Island (Rapa Nui) holds ancient mysteries within its shores. Walk the Moai statues that stand guard of an earlier age; feel history’s weight when the first rays of sunlight reach Ahu Tongariki; and take in its rich culture while visiting this magical land.

Andes Mountains: An Obituary for Winter Sports

Winter in the Andes Mountains brings with it many opportunities for skiing or snowboarding down slopes that test even experienced enthusiasts, and resorts around Santiago and Valle Nevado offer an adrenaline-packed experience in beautiful settings.

Pucon: Where Volcanoes Meet Tranquility

Pucon lies at the heart of the Lake District and provides a sanctuary of adventure and relaxation. After conquering volcanoes or sailing across sparkling lakes, take time out for yourself in Pucon’s warm embrace of natural thermal springs to recharge and ease away stress from everyday life.

Chiloe Island: An Interweave of Folklore and Nature

Chiloe Island is an idyllic backdrop for myths to take shape, featuring towering palafitos that tower above sparkling waters, ancient churches that guard their environs, and an air heavy with forest and sea scents. Take time to discover this living tapestry of culture and nature.

Santiago Markets: Where Color and Flavor Come Together

Santiago’s markets offer an exquisite sensory experience. Mercado Central showcases the fresh catch of the day while La Vega Central overflows with vibrant produce. Immerse yourself in Chilean life and experience its distinctive flavors.

Southern Chile Fjords: Nature’s Artistic Architecture

Navigating through the fjords of southern Chile reveals towering cliffs and lush forests framing narrow channels, where dolphins play in your wake, sea lions bask on rock outcrops, and Andean condors soar high overhead, making for an incredible journey through nature’s grandest designs.

San Pedro de Atacama: An Enigmatic Town

San Pedro de Atacama exudes an ancient charm, its adobe walls revealing tales from another age. Discover its rustic charm and visit San Pedro Church. Let the Licancabur Volcano watch over your journey as it stands sentinel over this picturesque town.

Villarrica Volcano: Capturing its Summit

Villarrica Volcano awaits those seeking the thrill of conquering nature. Guided by experts, take an adventure up the volcano’s slopes and stand on its summit for breathtaking panoramic views that will leave you breathless as the adrenaline of climbing courses through your veins.

Puerto Rico Tranquilo: Marble Caves and Nature’s Sculptures

Lake General Carrera is home to nature’s very own art gallery: the Marble Caves. Explore cerulean caverns where sunlight dances across marble walls—it’s like witnessing time’s handiwork. Enjoy its beauty sculpted over time.

Pichilemu: Riding Waves In The Surfing Capital

Pichilemu offers surfers of all levels an idyllic ride on its waves, whether they are experienced surfers or novice beginners. After surfing, relax on its sandy shores while basking in the warmth of the sun’s embrace.

Elqui Valley: An Exploratory Window into the Cosmic Arena

Conclude your Chilean adventure by spending some time in Elqui Valley, known for its clear skies and stargazing opportunities. Take part in a guided tour to unravel its mysteries while watching as the Milky Way creates its celestial masterpiece.


Chile will welcome adventurers in 2023 with open arms, providing unforgettable experiences that will remain with them forever. From its majestic Andes Mountains to its underground Marble Caves below, every step will unveil new wonders. Let Chile’s magic fill your heart and leave an indelible mark.