Why Do Australians Prefer Sir Walter Buffalo Turf

Why Do Australians Prefer Sir Walter Buffalo Turf

Sir Walter buffalo turf is a popular choice for Australian lawns. This is evident as most of the popular dealers like Buffalo Turf say that it is what most Australians prefer. Why? Because it’s the best all-around lawn for your home and garden.

Best Shade Tolerance

While buffalo turf is able to withstand sunlight, it can still grow in areas that receive less than 6 hours of sunlight a day. Sir Walter’s buffalo turf is the most shade tolerant available and will grow well even in areas with minimal exposure to sunlight.

Best Drought Tolerance

The Australian Buffel is a drought-tolerant turf that can withstand dry conditions and low rainfall. The grass has been developed to withstand temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius and high humidity, which makes it ideal for arid environments. It can also tolerate areas with low water availability or rainfall levels as long as they’re not too low (less than 50mm).

Best Wear Resistance

Sir Walter buffalo grass is the best choice for wear resistance. It has a high density, which means it’s able to withstand heavy traffic and foot traffic. This makes it a great option for sports fields and playgrounds where you want your turf to last longer than most other types of grasses on the market.

Sir Walter buffalo turf doesn’t just have good wear resistance; it also has an exceptional green color that makes it easy to distinguish from other types of grasses in your area.

Nature’s Preferred Buffalo Turf

The reason why Australians prefer Sir Walter turf is that it is the only lawn that is native to Australia. It can withstand drought, heat and cold, salt, and pet urine. This means you don’t have to worry about your garden being damaged by harsh weather conditions such as flooding or frost.

Why Do Australians Prefer Sir Walter Buffalo Turf

The buffalo grass also has an extremely low maintenance requirement compared with other types of lawns; this makes it perfect for people who want a sustainable garden without having to spend hours mowing every week!

Better Salt & Pet Urine Resistance

As you may have noticed, salt and pet urine can damage lawns. If a dog runs through your garden, it will leave behind some of its foul-smelling liquid as well. This can cause lasting damage to your lawn that’s not easily repaired. However, Sir Walter buffalo turf is much more resistant to these harmful substances than most other types of buffalo turf—so if you live in Australia or have pets at home there’s no need to worry about ruining your prized lawn!

Better Disease Resistance

• Sir Walter buffalo turf is more resistant to disease and pests.
• Sir Walter buffalo turf is more resistant to pet urine.
• Sir Walter buffalo turf is more resistant to salt, which can cause root decay.
• It also has a longer lifespan than other types of grasses and can withstand droughts better than most other types of lawns

Sir Walter buffalo turf is Australia’s most popular buffalo lawn for its low maintenance, strength, and durability.

The Sir Walter buffalo turf range has been developed by experts in the industry and has been tested by some of the best turf companies in Australia. The result is a high-performance product that provides you with an attractive area to relax on your property while enjoying the benefits of a natural lawn.



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